How To Increase Horsepower

When new cars drive off the lot, they're running at maximum fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, that also means they may not be achieving maximum performance. As Part Pros, we'll provide you with some tips to put more power in your pedal with some easy after-market additions.

Remember, if you have any questions or if you're unsure of anything, feel free to contact the Parts Pros at your local PartSource. They're always ready to help, no matter what the job is.

Let's go!

A Few Things Before You Begin

In case you need them, you can always find free print outs of specific vehicle instructions and torque specifications from Mitchell on Demand at your local PartSource store.

Everything you need for this job can be found at your local PartSource store. Ask a Parts Pro about what you'll need for the job. It's better to have extra spare parts ready for anything that might need to be replaced. The last thing you want to do, is go shopping when you have the car up on the jack.

When taking parts apart, be organized. Keep similar parts together in a safe place where they won't get lost and layout parts in a way that will allow you to put them back in the same order.

Make Safety Your Top Priority

Every vehicle is different. When it comes to maintenance and repairs always follow the vehicle's owner's manual.

Make sure you have all of your tools and supplies before you begin – the last thing you want to do is go shopping when you have the car on the jack.

Safety should be your number one priority. Don't smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or wear a necktie while working on the car. And watch out for hot objects, sharp instruments, hazardous materials and other potential safety hazards in and around your workspace. Always wear your safety glasses, a dust mask and latex gloves.

Don't work with a Philips when the job calls for a flat. Substituting tools can compromise your safety or your vehicle's performance.

Finally, when the fun turns to frustration or if the job requires specialized knowledge beyond your abilities, seek the assistance of a Parts Pro, professional mechanic or installer. The last thing we want is someone getting hurt.


Air Filter Upgrade

Upgrade to a free-flow aftermarket air filter (K&N or Fram Air Hog)
Go High-Tech

Install a power module to enhance the vehicle computer.
Add an ECU

An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can change fuel and timing to make your engine more efficient and powerful.
Cool the Engine

Add a new aftermarket cold air intake. The complete cold air intake will make more horsepower because it draws cooler air away from the engine.
Improve the Exhaust

Install an aftermarket exhaust, remembering that you will want a larger diameter than your stock exhaust system. Also the less bends the exhaust system has the better.
Go with High Flow

A high flow catalytic converter can also add horsepower.
Forced Induction Systems

Look into forced induction – adding a turbo charger or super charger. You will need to make modifications to the fuel system, with the extra pressure in the engine you will need more fuel and at a faster rate then before.

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- Child's Play
- Mother-In-Laws Do It
- Tricky at Times
- Instructions Required
- You'll Be Here for a few    hours

  • Aftermarket Air Filter (K&N or Fram Air Hog available at PartSource)
  • Aftermarket Exhaust (Flowtech, in store)
  • Aftermarket Catalytic Converter (Flowtech, available at PartSource)
  • Aftermarket ECU (any brand available thru Keystone)
  • Aftermarket Power Module
  • Aftermarket Turbo Charger
  • Aftermarket Super Charger
  • Check instructions for each installation

  • Do it yourself automotive repair and maintenance tips from PartSource auto parts pros.
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